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Normani exudes and emanates the kind of confidence you can only earn. The multiplatinum chart topping singer, songwriter, dancer, and philanthropist speaks her mind through unshakable anthems  spiked with style, soul, and spirit. With sky high ambition and a work ethic to match, she consistently  progresses with clarity and without compromise. As such, she embraces her poise, passion, and power  like never before on a series of 2022 singles and her forthcoming full-length debut album. 

“Over the past couple of years, I’ve really found confidence in my abilities,” she exclaims. “I realized I can  wear all of these hats I didn’t think I was capable of wearing before. I’m able to walk into a room and say  what I think. I’m not afraid to speak up or be seen. I’ve gotten to a place where I can trust myself and my  vision.”  

She most definitely put in the work to reach this point. The New Orleans/Texas-raised talent rose to  international renown as a member of pop juggernaut Fifth Harmony, performing to sold out arenas,  gathering awards, and releasing a string of multiplatinum hits. In 2018, she kickstarted her solo career  with the quintuple-platinum “Love Lies” [feat. Khalid]. She joined forces with Sam Smith for 2019’s  “Dancing With A Stranger,” reaching quadruple-platinum status and marking her second Top 10 bow on  the Billboard Top 200. Following the platinum “Motivation,” she linked up with Megan Thee Stallion for  “Diamonds” from the blockbuster soundtrack Birds of Prey: The Album. Meanwhile, she ignited 2021  with the platinum “Wild Side” [feat. Cardi B], which ascended to #1 on Billboard’s Mainstream R&B/Hip Hop Airplay Chart. NPR predicted the latter “pushes the Fifth Harmony breakout star one step closer to  pop sensation.In between tallying billions of streams, she garnered six BMI Awards, two iHeartRadio  Music Awards, a MTV VMA, and a Soul Train Music Award. Along the way, she has also given back at  every turn. The Cybersmile Foundation tapped her as Diversity Ambassador, while the American Cancer  Society named her a Global Ambassador.  

In 2022, she managed to evolve once more by enjoying the process itself.  

“In the past, I was so fixated on goals I wanted to accomplish that I wasn’t present,” she admits. “I’m  focusing on now, and I’m enjoying myself. I’ve got big dreams still, but I’m focused on being the best  version of myself that I can be right now. I’m allowing that to be enough, and it’s fueling the music.” 

She opens up this next chapter with the 2022 single “Fair.” On the track, bass pulsates like a heartbeat  between soft keys as her voice echoes with raw feeling. Volleying between high register harmonies and  an emotionally charged refrain, she gets confessional on the chorus, “Is it fair that you moved on, ‘cause  I swear that I haven’t.” 

“It’s a complete reflection of my personal experiences,” she states. “It’s another way of introducing  myself to the world. I feel like I’m still a new artist. People don’t necessarily know who I am as a person  and what it feels like for me to be vulnerable, heartbroken, and betrayed, which is what the song is  about. It was something I experienced over the course of creating this next body of work. I hope listeners  can come down to my level and see what heartbreak and betrayal look like for me. I’m a human being,  and I go through the same things everyone else does daily. My life and music go hand-in-hand, and the  songs are my way to connect.” 

It only hints at the beginning of a new level of transparency for her as she continues to create straight  from the heart.

“Music is the truest part of Normani and what I’m going through personally,” she notes. “It’s like a diary.  I’m letting everyone in, and it’s liberating.” 

In the end, Normani has achieved exactly what she was working for all along with “Fair” and more music  on the horizon. 

“When you hear this music, I hope you think, ‘This girl is really resilient’,” she leaves off. “I want women  and everybody else to feel empowered no matter what their circumstances are. We possess the power  to be whoever we want to be. I’m freeing myself of things I was afraid of. I’m going to be  unapologetically Normani and be confident in that. I’m the closest to being who God has called me to be.  That deserves to be celebrated through this body of work.” 

Normani is signed to RCA Records and is managed by Brandon Silverstein (S10 Entertainment,  Management Division).